Long time since ive been on here!

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Long time since ive been on here!

Post by Jon_pearson17 on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:46 pm

Looking through my Bookmarks and found this forum again Surprised
Just a few Pics of my Hornet since its nearlly a year since ive had it now and its got me 3 Fuckin points the twat Laughing

Trip to wales

Very nasty Tank slapper i had doing 90mph, Very lucky as i landed ontop of the bike.

Changing the Rear tyre for the 4th time in 2 months and the front for the first time

The Hooner in its current state, Scruffy micron pipe, Robbed MTC link pipe that doesnt even fit the micron pipe!, second hand renthal bars and a very scuffed up tail with a huge hole it in Cool

Yet i still love her, Shes got me on work in time just a few times at 5:30am, She has scared me too many time 80% of the time it was the rear tyre letting go in the wet but 100% of them is my fault cause i cant help but wheelspin in the wet cause its just too fun. Im thinking of sell her for a Trail bike again but not sure what to get, KDX220R, Exc200/250/300 2T or something similar but i just dont want to sell it Crying or Very sad

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